153: Charlie

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  1. TsunamiJane

    A twist!

    I’m not as shocked as Wren, but again I haven’t been intimate with Candice/Charlie either. My reaction is like, “OK, cool.”

    Also, I don’t have twitter so I can’t talk to your friend CNStoker. But if I could, I’d say that both Houston or Austin would be good fits for her, Austin even more so!

  2. libractivist

    Aww… *hugs Charlie*
    I have to say, when you used “C” instead of “Candice” in the last transcripts I wondered…so yay for being right.
    Although I know Charlie needs support right now, Wren’s word-confusion is just perfect!

    (In other words…I really <3 this story arc.)

  3. Aiden

    I really like this story arc as well. I always love meeting a new trans character. I hope Charlie isn’t having it too rough and that Wren gets her act together in the next strip. Maybe Maria and Charlie will get a chance to talk. Also, do we know what pronouns Charlie prefers?

  4. Vass

    I’m glad Charlie’s going to be sticking around for a while.

  5. Dusty Halls

    I have to admit, my initial reaction would be “Oh.” I just hope my next line would be “Want to talk about it?”

  6. Just Some Trans Guy

    I remember running into an ex on the bus at our college, some time after I’d come out as trans.

    She smiled at me and said, “So, I hear you’re a boy now.”

    Good times. Good times.

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