Name: Wren Watanabe

Age: 18

Occupation: Anthropology student

Wren is a geek for video games, comics, feminist theory, Star Wars, all things Whedon, and Rachel Maddow. She’s a bit cynical and stubborn, and has a tendency to do and say the wrong thing. She’s a good friend, though, and probably more insecure than she lets on.

Name: Maria Ortiz

Age: 18

Occupation: Biology student

Maria is a blogger, comic book fan, Whedonite, and will kick your ass at Halo. She and Wren have been best friends since the first season of Digimon aired, and Maria’s positive attitude and warm personality tends to balance out Wren’s harsher demeanor.  Maria lives on her own after a painful misunderstanding with campus housing, and a feud with her parents, who have never fully approved of her being transgender. Her little brother and grandmother are steadfast in their support, though, so she’s not totally on the outs with her family.

Name: Samantha Jay

Age: 17

Occupation: English student

Sam has been a “Sam” rather than a “Samantha” since she was a toddler, and sees no reason to go back. She’s a femme who loves literature and looks down on the more pop culture oriented geek pursuits. She comes of as self-righteous and snobby, which makes her clash with Wren from time to time. They were just acquaintances until Wren and Maria decided to make comics and enlisted her art skills. Now Sam and Wren are roommates in college, and surely roommate wackiness will ensue. She has a big heart, but isn’t shy about making it well known when she’s pissed.

Name: C. Charlie Lee

Age: 18

Occupation: Engineering student

Charlie is an activist, a slam poet, and a mathlete. He’s wild for non-euclidean geometry, Nomy Lamm, and a perfectly steeped cup of tea. Wren and Charlie were together for about a year, but broke up when he moved to the west coast to attend Berkeley. After a tough first semester, Charlie came home to Massachusetts and came out to his friends as transgender. He and Maria have heart-eyes for each other.

Name: Eve Wilson

Age: 52

Occupation: Owner of Bluestockings Books

Eve is a happily married small business owner and taxpayer. Also, she’s a big ol’ lesbian. She’s a bit of a role model for Wren, Maria, Sam and Charlie.

Name: Eric Watanabe

Age: 44

Occupation: History teacher

Eric is Wren’s dad. They moved to Massachusetts from Hawaii when Wren was five after Eric came out as gay, divorced Wren’s mom, and left the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. He’s currently dating a nice fellow named Brad.

Name: Nhi Nguyen

Age: 22

Occupation: Sociology student

Nhi is a chaotic neutral half-elf ranger, and Wren’s not-so-secret crush. She’s forward and sincere, even when she’s being a goofball. She’s confident and bubbly on the surface, but has struggles that she doesn’t like to talk about. She’s been a smoker since she was seventeen, and a smoker since she was nineteen.

Name: Palmer Green

Age: 19

Occupation: English student, bassist

Palmer is Sam’s wizkid and snugglefriend. Ey play bass for Oliver’s Wood, a queer Wizard Rock band. While ey are completely at ease on stage, ey’re pretty shy and insecure in muggle mode. Being an androgynous nerd got em a lot of negative attention in high school, but ey has found a happy place for emself in college… and with Sam.