Links/Resources for Nrrds, Grrls and Other Radicals

This is an ever-expanding list of links to nerd stuff, queer stuff, girl stuff, radical stuff, and queer girl nerd radical stuff. Preferably stuff made BY and FOR instead of just ABOUT. I may reorganize this in the future. Submit suggestions in blog comments, or over at twitter or email: rj at riotnrrdcomics dot com.

Nerd Stuff:
Comics Alliance: “Comics culture, news, humor, commentary and reviews”.
ComixTALK: blog, forum and more on comics in the digital age
io9: busy blog about all things sci-fi, as well as regular old science.
Slashdot: news for nerds.
Strange Horizons: online speculative fiction magazine.
Tor: sci-fi & fantasy stories, art, bloggings, community, etc.
ThinkGeek: Geeky stuff for sale

Feminist/POC/Queer/PWD/Social Justice Stuff
Black Gay Books
Box Turtle Bulletin: “News, analysis and fact-checking of anti-gay rhetoric”
Deaf Queer Resource Center
Deeply Problematic: “Feminism, and Stuff”. Includes some posts on webcomics, including Riot Nrrd!
Disability Resource Exchange
Fat!So?: for people who don’t apologize for their size.
FRIDA: Feminist Response in Disability Activism
FWD: Feminists With Disabilities
Feministe: feminist blog.
Genderfork: “genderqueer, gender variant and androgynous photo & thought”.
Genderkid: blog with a great list of trans resources!
Genderqueer Coalition: genderqueer-specific resources
GimpGirl Wiki: Resource sharing for disabled women and allies
GirlFuck: A sex guide by cartoonist Erika Moen – made for queer women, but contains valuable advice for anyone interesting in good sex.
Massachusetts Transgender Political Coalition: check under “projects” for info on name changing, reporting discrimination and more. I wish there was something like this for every state. Let me know if you know of anything!
Outsiders: “a vibrant social and peer support network of disabled people” based in the UK.
Queercents: “a syndicate of personal finance writers serving the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community.”
Queeries: like facebook, for queers!
Questioning Transphobia
Racialicious: blog on race and pop culture.
Safe Schools Coalition: resources for LGBT students and youth
Safe2Pee: maps of gender-free, single-stall and accessible bathrooms in North America and Europe.
Sexually Able: a large-scale survey of self-identified people with disabilities and their partners.
Shakesville: a blog that strives to create safe space and tackles a wide variety of issues
Shapely Prose: blogging on fat acceptance
Slingshot Radical Contact List: I use their organizer. Great international list of community spaces.
Sociological Images: images, charts and videos displaying sociological trends and cultural narratives.
Tiger Beathdown: feminist blog
Trans411: resource for locating trans-friendly doctors and therapists
Transgender Legal Defense and Education Fund
TransGriot: blog on trans issues, specifically trans women of color, as well as feminism, sports, and more
TransProtect: sharing information about protecting the rights of trans people.
Wild Gender: art, news and info for gender-variant folks.

Feminist & Womanist Nerd Stuff:
Border House: “a blog for gamers. It’s a blog for those who are feminist, queer, disabled, people of color, transgendered, rich, poor, middle class, gay, lesbian, and others who belong to marginalized groups, as well as allies.”
Deidra Kiai Productions: “Socially Conscientious, Personally Meaningful Video Games”
Feminist-Friendly Comic Book Stores: a great map from Girl Wonder
Feminist SF – The Blog
Feminist Sci-Fi Wiki
Geek Feminism Blog
Geek Girls Network
Girl Wonder: “Because capes aren’t just for boys”.
The Hathor Legacy: in search of good portrayals of women and gender in tv, film, gaming, books, and comics
Heroine Content: “feminist and anti-racist thoughts on women kicking ass”
MC Chris’s Nrrd Grrl music video
RIOTgamer: “Feminist Pro-Queer Anti-Racist Gaming”.
Sequential Tart: woman-run webzine about the comics industry
Stemming dot org: connecting “women and girls interested in science, technology, engineering, and math”
The Ormes Society: “dedicated to supporting black female comic creators and promoting the inclusion of black women in the comics industry as creators, characters and consumers.”
Tomgeeks: “girl-powered webcomics, forums, reviews and more”.
When Fangirls Attack!: compiles posts on gender, sexuality, ability, and race in comics and comics fandom from around the internet.

Nerds of Color Stuff:
Black Nerd Comedy: videos by black nerd stand-up comedian Andre Meadows
Mindblowing SciFi by POC
Bao Phi’s essays on: NOCs (Nerds of Color), LOST, Asian Americans in video games, race in Final Fantasy (and an addendum), and Moon.
People of Color SF Carnival: “A Visible Space For Fen & Creators of Color In The Blogsphere”
Racebending: blogging and campaigning for justice in film and TV casting.
Remember Us: Fan fiction, art, and video with character of color focus.
The 99: A diverse superhero comics series drawing concepts from Islam.
The Museum of Black Superheroes
The Outsiders: a list of Asian and Asian-American characters in comics (this page is sadly down right now! the closest adaptation I could find was this list of Asian/Asian-American women in Marvel)
Verb Noire on facebook and livejournal.

Disabled Nerd Stuff:
Able Gamers: “News, reviews and community for the disabled gamer”.
Blind Geek Zone: Links, programs and things about podcasts, programming, coding, and games.
Broadened Horizons: Accessible Video Gaming Gear
Deaf Gamers
Disability in Fanfiction
Disability Fanfic
Disability in Speculative Fiction: Monsters, Mutants, and Muggle: A guide to ableist sci-fi tropes.
One Switch Shop: Accessible Gaming Shop
Wolfgeek’s Disabled Gamer Guide: “A guide to Mac and PC games that are accessible and playable for the disabled gamer”.

Queer Nerd Stuff:
Comic Book Queers: podcast and forum
Fanboys of the Universe: a GLBT perspective on science fiction, fantasy, gaming, collecting, films, books and TV.
Gay Comic Geek: video blog on comics, movies, tv, and all thing gay and geeky. NSFW.
GayGamer: a gay view on video games. Also in the Gay Gamer family are:
Homotron: gadgets!
Pink Kryptonite: comics!
Velvet Dicebag: tabletop games!
Gay Geeks: a fairly new forum for self-identified gay geeks.
Gay League: Blog/community for LGBT comic fans.
I’m Here. I’m Queer. What the hell do I read?: A blog for queerish book-lovers and bookish queer-lovers.
Lesbian Gamers
The Outer Alliance: LGBT sci-fi and fantasy writers
Prism Comics: a nonprofit organization that supports LGBT comics, creators, and readers
Pride High Comics: a comic series about a gay-straight alliance at a high school for superheroes
Queer Geek Theory: an academic blog on “queerness, geekiness, politics, gender, race, capitalism, ethics, and scholarship. Like most things on the internet, these pages are a work in progress.”