152: Catching Up

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  1. libractivist

    This is a great comic, and that is a great “resolution”. (I’m a big fan of shifts in thinking as well, as opposed to putting more pressure on yourself in the way resolutions and obligations do.)

    I love that this comic both answers some of our (the readers’ + Wren’s) questions — like is Candice seeing someone? — but still leaves the interaction unfinished and has us waiting for more in the next installment. Lovely pacing.

    (And did Candice get a new haircut? very cute!)

  2. Corbiu Geisha

    Just got Super #1 and loving it! Can’t wait to see more!

  3. Dr. Comics

    I know this is off-topic, but Mae Jemison was just named the head of the (DARPA funded) 100 Year Spaceship Project. Usually the things DARPA funds amuse and/or scare me, but this time they’ve done something right.

    And R.J., you rock. I have a Doctorate in English for a dissertation on comics (really!), and this is one of the few webcomics I follow.

  4. Julian LoVecchio

    I think your resolution is great. this is an awesome awesome comic (i had a big melt down and stopped reading any comics and this is one of the first ones i came back to comics for) and it’s the one i most look forward to seeing pop up in my RSS. it like. actually relates to my life. so you’re doing good. keep it up and don’t worry so much! also. you are a real cartoonist. at least to someone like me.

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