Riot Nrrd Buttons!
1 for $1.50
3 for $4.00
5 for $7.00

These colorful 1″ buttons come in five designs: Riot Nrrd, Nrrd Boi, Nrrd Grrl, Queer Nrrd, and the Pink Triforce.  CLICK HERE to get yours from Riot Nrrd’s storenvy store!

2010 Ada Lovelace Day Wallpaper
(free as heck!)
This wallpaper stars three inspiring historical riot nrrds: Mae Jemison, Marie Curie, and Ada Lovelace. To make your computer desktop more exciting, sexy, and badass, click the image and set the big-old version as your wallpaper. (Right now this wallpaper is only in 1280×800, as google analytics tells me the overwhelming majority of visitors use this resolution. If you desire another resolution, please email me at rj(at)riotnrrdcomics.com. If I get a big demand for another particular size, I will add more options here!)