Hello there! This is a webcomic is about being a nerd. Unlike many other comics and webcomics about being a nerd, this is a webcomic about being LGBT nerds, female nerds, nerds of color, disabled nerds, and other kinds of nerds that don’t get as much love. This is a webcomic about being a nerd who’s constantly facing down sexism, racism, anti-LGBTQ bigotry, classism, ableism, fat-hate, and other prejudices and -isms from their nerdery of choice. This webcomic was made by a frustrated nerd about frustrated nerds making comics.

The name “Riot Nrrd” comes from “Riot Grrl”, a musical and political movement born in the nineties. I haven’t checked out these sites extensively, but here’s what comes up about Riot Grrl on google just to give you an idea: Wikipedia’s entry on Riot Grrl, the grrl zine network, an article on myths about riot grrl. I’m aware there is also a song called Riot Nrrd, but I never heard of it until a friend pointed it out to me after reading my webcomic, and as far as I can tell, isn’t really connected to riot grrl at all.

To the left you may see a drawing of the creator. Their name is RJ Edwards. They like geeking out about webcomics, linguistics, LOST, the X-Men, anthropology, faeries, Joss Whedon, gender theory, young adult novels and obsolete video game systems. They prefer the pronoun “they”, and they have an English degree to rub in the face of gender-neutral-singular-they nay-sayers. They have no formal art education and just try to keep improving. They use a Wacom Bamboo. The first two strips were made in Gimp, but the rest are done in Photoshop. The webcomic updates once a week right now!

You can contact RJ through twitter or email: rj at riotnrrdcomics dot com.

Oh yeah! And all the characters, art, writing, everything here, you know, belongs to RJ. No stealing ok thanks.