154: That’s It

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  1. TsunamiJane

    Did Sam get a haircut? She looks really good!

    I am kind of like Wren. I want someone – just ONE person – to gasp and say “What??” when I reveal something I just learned. Even if they already knew it. I try to be that person for my friends.

  2. Vass

    Aw, Wren. Go ahead and have your freakout. In private, where Charlie doesn’t have to watch. And then dust yourself off and go be supportive to your ex.

  3. Beth

    I know she’s in the wrong but I have to admit if an ex (or someone I had loved in any capacity) went away and came back as the opposite sex..well I wouldn’t freak out but I would have a “Guh? But…but I thought I knew you! I thought we had no secrets THIS IS COMING OUT OF LEFT FIELD!” moment…mostly in my head but I would have to talk it out with a safe third party. Not because I couldn’t be supportive but I would feel like I was a bad friend/lover/parent/child not to have known before.

    Still that would be my issue and I wouldn’t get my freak out all over the person revealing it. Because that’s not cool.

  4. EmilyEmilyEmily

    Oh geeze I forgot most of the world is cis (and binary!) and wouldn’t think that this is entirely a normal thing.

  5. Just Some Trans Guy

    I kinda love how Wren is turning to MARIA with her “Can you believe how nonchalant Sam is being?” stuff. Like, maybe not the most sympathetic audience there for your trans freak-out, Wren.

    On a related note: I am really, really glad my high school boyfriend has not found me on Facebook thus far.

    Sam’s hair is so DIFFERENT. I am in such shock! Different! So different! I think I like her bangs, though.

  6. Magnuscoatl

    I like the last line a lot. In the wrong, but with self-awareness.

  7. Magnuscoatl

    (Please, pretty please, can I isolate that bottom right-hand corner as an image?)

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