128: Family, Part II

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  1. pikamidge

    🙁 I can’t imagine what it must be like…. poor Wren.

  2. sarra

    (speechless with love of all sorts)

  3. TsunamiJane

    Ouch. I can almost read the crossed out words. Are they crossed out because little Wren didn’t know them?

  4. admin

    Some of them were probably unfamiliar, but honestly, it’s more that I didn’t want to write them.

  5. Vass

    Oh Wren. ;____;

  6. Just Some Trans Guy

    I think having the crossed out words was very effective, from a visual and emotional perspective. It gave a really … heavy feel … to that panel. Probably not explaining well, but I found it evocative.

  7. Dusty Halls

    Totally agree with JSTG – the look is devastatingly effective. It looks, and feels, ugly. Ugly in a hurtful, hateful way. Just… ugly.

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