#105: Nausea-stalgia

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  1. Katherine

    Eh, not like I really notice what time you update. Not because I’m not madly refreshing for updates, but because of the time zone differences I always have to add a day to everyone’s “updates on Xday”.

    The cat totally looks like he has something pertinent to add to the conversation in panels 3 and 4! XD

  2. Sissi

    I love this one, a LOT. Thanks for posting it. : )

  3. TsunamiJane

    I love anthropology!

  4. Captain

    My anthro essay is due in tomorrow. 2500 words about the archaeological history of Rapa Nui is definitely not as fun as writing about video games 🙁

    But then again, it’s 4 weeks until exams are over, and I will have finished my degree 😀

  5. Dusty Halls

    Rapa Nui – wasn’t that in Bionicle?

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