#104: I’m usually very friendly, but… cat.

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  1. RMJ

    Whenever I have kittens around, I can’t tear myself away. I always think “BUT THEY WILL NOT BE KITTENS THAT MUCH LONGER, THEREFORE I MUST SPEND ALL WAKING HOURS TO BEST VALUE THEIR KITTENNESS.” Perhaps not with the all-caps, though.

  2. TsunamiJane

    First two panels, I’m a little confused….I thought we were seeing Maria’s legs folded up, which meant that Jae would be TOUCHING MARIA’S LEGS…..now I see that Maria’s not wearing shorts, soooo what is that brownish mass?

    PS adorable kitten is adorable, and I totally understand Nhi’s feelings on the felines.

  3. TsunamiJane

    Also, “this kind of emergency” needs to happen more often. All over the world.

  4. admin

    The brown leg-type things that Jae is touching are Jae’s legs, covered by pants. They’re both supposed to be sitting cross-legged. Granted, they’re doing so very close to each other, but I was envisioning Maria’s apartment as smallish (you’ll note that no one has ever sat on her couch, because she does not have one). Jae and Maria are also both pretty friendly, even in the presence of adorable kittens.

  5. Alix

    yo, TsunamiJane, the brown lumps are Jae’s legs.

  6. Alix

    oh okay I see that somebody else said that already. that’s okay, I’ll just pretend my answer was cooler.

  7. Katherine

    And when my cat is climbing on things he shouldn’t, I call him a Butt Cat.

  8. Just Some Trans Guy

    Yay! Maria has people over, and she looks so happy! 🙂

    Also, Nhi continues to win my heart.

  9. TsunamiJane


    so sorry to ask dumb questions!

  10. Anna

    The alt-text just made me get sou gummi up my nose while laughing.

  11. Dusty Halls

    Ummm… what’s a “biffle”?

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