106: An Odd Calm

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  1. Annasaur

    Queer historical horror story?! I think… I think I just peed a little. Um, yes plz?

  2. Sarah w

    I’m a librarian and this is all too sadly true.

    When I was working in my university’s library, a student came up and asked me for “some statistics.” When I asked if s/he could be a little more specific, s/he leaned over the desk and said in a loud, slow voice, “Sta-tis-tics.” Okie-dokie. Gotcha now.

    Things will be different once we locate and reclaim the Blue Book of All Knowledge, which all patrons have seen and used once, but only once, and never bothered to note the call number, title, or author thereof.

    Sorry. Rough day. Thanks for the solidarity!

  3. Lisa Madeleine

    Started reading today (check time, yep, still today) and just caught up. Thank you. Thank you for this comic. I’m so glad someone is telling this story.

  4. April Q.

    For the history/herstory/theirstory comic, you should collaborate with Kate Beaton of Hark, A Vagrant! which is the very best history webcomic I know of, and the only one, but seriously, it’s so so awesome (http://www.harkavagrant.com/index.php).

    That would make me very very very happy 🙂

    ps: I have never commented here before, but I LOVE your comic and the representation you provide to many underrepresented groups (esp. the existence of characters who have multiple ‘minority statuses’ going on), and I eagerly anticipate every update.

    pps: folks like these notwithstanding, I would love to work in a library some day 🙂

  5. Elusive_J

    I’m a long time lurky reader and I love Riot Nrrd so hard! Especially today, reading this right before heading in to work at a bookstore. My automatic response to the first panel was to forget I was reading comic and try to figure out the book. *sigh*

    P.S. April, I get the feeling they know about Hark, A Vagrant. Did you see the shirt and read the alt text? It got a big cheesy grin out of me.

  6. Dusty Halls

    Hi, do you have any books with photographs of George Washington? Julius Ceasar? Dinosaurs?

  7. Amy

    These sound *really* familiar. I think I know that first one, for SURE

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