102: His Excellency

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  1. RMJ

    I immediately heard the alt-text in my “talking to a cat” voice.

  2. sarra

    That! <3

  3. pikamidge

    omigod it’s doing the head-turny thing
    i die~

  4. Dusty Halls

    Notice the effort, everyone. Although the last three panels look the same, the artist did NOT just cut-copy-paste but drew each one. Thanks for the effort.

  5. admin

    Yeah, I copy and paste elements of the initial sketches, but I always do the final lines separately. Thanks for noticing!

  6. TsunamiJane


    I *love* Maria’s face in panel 3.

  7. Just Some Trans Guy

    The head tilt in the last panel of His Excellency, Ambassador Kitteh, is pretty much the most adorable thing ever.

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