#101: Arrival

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  1. Jade Carver

    Mrow? (cats make such an awesome variety of noises. Mine is curled up next to me purring at the moment).

    I tried to think of a webcomic that I read which doesn’t have cats in it… Wapsi Square has a dog?

  2. Eric Satchwill

    I think the cat was sent by Schrodinger… but we won’t know until it’s been observed. *nods*

  3. Emily_Goddess

    Maria, just remember, a cat in a box exists on one of three states: Alive, Dead, or Bloody Pissed Off.

  4. samorchard

    Haha! Good move, I am looking forward to incorporating Joe’s cat, and my new flatmates cats into the comic more 😀

  5. Hanners

    Cat jokes are the greatest. I am behind you 100% in this endevour

  6. Kitty L.

    LOL – “Send kittens” indeed!

  7. Just Some Trans Guy

    KITTEH! <3

  8. Dusty Halls

    Darths & Droids, Dalek 2nd Empire, DM of the Rings… is there one in Khaos Komix? Misfile? Venus Envy?

    Aparently I need to read more webcomics if I haven’t come across any cats.

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