Child, Friend, Kin, Queer zine has arrived!

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  1. Nina

    I really like that preview! Very clear and understandable. I’d like to get the zine, just need to discuss it with my partner…

  2. Quinn

    Super cool. I’m glad to have an opportunity to support your work. I’m gonna be making a zine in the next couple of months that explores a lot of my thoughts on being trans and language and stuff. So, it’s interesting to see how other people approach this.

  3. Azundris

    “Just because one is OFTEN and the other is SOMETIMES, doesn’t mean that one is NORMAL and the other is ABNORMAL.”

    Isn’t that *exactly* what it means? Normal ::= common, average, mean?

    I just wish that instead of viewing it as making the world – unnecessarily, annoyingly – more complicated, people would realize that learning a lot of hocus pocus etiquette for two made up genders instead just one set – “for human beings” – is what makes things unnecessarily complicated.

  4. admin

    Azundris – I think “normal” in particular carries a heavier social connotation than “common” or “average”, which is why I put it that way. Another way to put it is that common does not mean default, and uncommon does not mean deviation. Like I say at another point in the zine, left-handed people have an uncommon but perfectly normal way of being – they are not just “defective” right-handed people.

  5. Azundris

    I’m pretty sure we want the same thing. I was trying to say that while, statistically, one *is* “deviant”, the problem is not that one is deviant, a minority, abnormal, it’s the value-judgment that comes with these observations, which is why I tried to suggest an alternative view (e.g.going from two carved in stone gender to just human beings as a simplification, rather than considering it “even more groups that I’ll all have to learn a special etiquette for”, etc.). I know I’m totally nitpicking here, but it *is* an article about vocabulary, after all. 🙂

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