#96: Strategic Drinking

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  1. RMJ

    Ooo, non-totally linear-panels up in here!

    Also, I’m not sure if that Wren is being a little bit of a jerkbutt for harshing Maria’s sorely needed good time, or if she’s just being appropriately protective, since they may not know where they actually are.

  2. Whirlwitch

    I say Wren is being appropriately protective AND a bit of a jerkbutt. Always best to make sure friends are safe and let them have a good time too. I really don’t think Maria wants to go gaming right now, and I agree that she sorely needs a good time.

  3. Katherine

    All I’m gonna say is: you think you’re throwing up in the gutter but really it’s the middle of someone else’s driveway. All OUTDOOR plants love vomit, as long as you hose off the more obvious chunks later.

  4. Dusty Halls

    I should stop reading this at work. If you keep adding lines like that last one I’m going to lol REALLY loud and make it obvious.

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