#95: There’s Always One

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  1. Laughing Otter

    HA! I think I’ve gamed with Nhi.. LOL @ “alleged tree”. 😀 Brilliant.

  2. Paige

    I’m playing DnD for the first time – and yeah, there is the stabby person in my party. There’s going to come a time when we all stop healing him for being a dumbass.

  3. TsunamiJane

    Team Stabbing The Tree!

  4. Rainicorn

    @Paige – yep, it’s a fact of D&D that the stabbiest person, while being the most fun, is also the most likely to die. I have a friend who always plays chaotic evil, and she’s died more than the rest of us put together.

  5. The Gneech

    For never having played it, you write a good approximation! 🙂

    -The Gneech, has played it many many many many times

  6. KB

    In my DMing career, there’s sometimes been a player to wants to stab everything, but there has never NOT been a player who wants to roll Thievery checks and pickpocket everything, be it wild animals, ghosts, trees… anything with or, usually, without pockets.

  7. pikamidge

    that last line made me lol for real.

  8. Melissa

    Is that an asexual I spy? Yusssss!

  9. Katherine


  10. lowbudgetcyborg

    For never having played a tabletop roleplaying game, you conveyed the feel of it pretty accurately, lol.

  11. PlasmaGirl

    Nailed it!

    This made me almost spit coffee onto my monitor; thanks for a good laugh!

  12. Ellen

    Ba-hah, I do love Nhi. I suspect that if I can ever finangle my way into a D&D game, I’ll be right there with her on team tree-stabbing.

    And, oh! Is Jae asexual? *glee* (Er – that is Jae, right? I’m so bad at keeping track of the secondary characters …)

  13. hari

    I agree with lowbudgetcyborg, this is pretty accurate. Although I wish the my D&D groups had the same dress sense.

    Thankfully the campaign I DM doesn’t have a character who stabs everything.

    However the other campaign I’m in, at the local university nerd club, has a policy where players can consent to have their character played by someone outside the group should they be absent from a session. This has of course led to the considered and rational swashbuckling sailor being possessed by a player who then proceeded to jump down a well and try stabbing the bottom of it.

    No, he didn’t find the Shadow Temple.

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