#97: To A Boil

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  1. pikamidge

    Wren’s face at the end makes me wanna cry ;_____;

  2. Steph

    I’m purchasing mine later today! Don’t feel bad! I tried to purchase one when they went up, but I had cash flow related issues. Rest assured that you WILL see at least one shipped out, possibly more if I can convince friends to save on shipping.

  3. Fayra

    … orz

    Well… I see Maria’s point, really. This is the first time she’s having fun in weeks. But Wren is just trying to be a good friend. AAAH it’s HEARTBREAKING.

  4. Rainicorn

    If I can get a job and start having an income, I would love to have a Maddow Is My Homegirl T-shirt… provided international shipping isn’t too expensive…

  5. Alix

    soon, I will have some actual money in my bank account, and this is probably going to be the first thing I buy when I do.

  6. Tia

    🙁 I’m sorry, I’m spoiled terribly by my $10 t-shirts. It makes it hard for me to do things like spend almost $20 on a shirt before shipping. I want one, but not that bad.

  7. 77Suzanne

    Just saying, I am out of money already (car repair/church expense) so I can’t get one now, but May 1st I expect to have the funds for my adorable new t-shirt. SO SORRY!

  8. Mz. Wuvs

    Oh, snap. Portal tee on the sneak. /blatantdisregardforallotherthings

  9. Just Some Trans Guy

    I really dig how the background silhouettes look! 🙂

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