#94: Aw Crumbs!

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  1. Dymara

    Oh no, oh no, please not another bad things happen to Maria arc :(((

  2. Alix

    there’s so much going on in this. I just fell way more in love with Nhi, for one thing. and for another…Maria! God! don’t!

  3. TsunamiJane

    Awww man, Nhi turns out to be awesome and Wren misses it?

    Also: has it been established what sort of people Maria is into?

  4. admin

    The character page at one time indicated that Maria IDs as pansexual, but I think I left that out of the updated version. If you mean more specifically, we’ve seen her crushing on Brad (aka Time Traveling Sam Adams) and the drag king who ended up misgendering her. Whether she’s really into this dude or just in need of an ego boost remains to be seen.

  5. Katherine

    That cape is awesome.

  6. Just Some Trans Guy

    I’m normally resistant to new character, just ’cause I CANNOT DEAL WITH CHANGE, but I’m utterly in love with Nhi. Nhi is just all kinds of fabulous.

    I am also going to try to work “Aw crumbs!” into my conversations on a more frequent basis.

    Am I the only one feeling even a little optimistic about the potential future interactions between Maria and Alcohol-Providing Party Dude? 🙁 I mean, no doubt, it’s complicated to flirt/date/have the sexings as a trans person and can be extra dangerous for trans women and trans female spectrum folks. But it’s not like we all spontaneously explode or something the second we make flirty eyes at a cis person, even at cis men. (Which I have no idea if Alcohol-Providing Party Dude is; just saying for the sake of argument.)

  7. Katherine

    My usual problem with new characters is that it takes a while for it to sink in that they are intended to be a new character proper, not just a bit part. So many stories are all about the main character or group of characters so from all of those I’m in the habit of assuming everyone they meet is going to be an inconsequential bit part. And then I feel stupid when I’m consuming a story that isn’t like that but I don’t realise…

  8. Anna

    Can I just say than I am really noticing the little improvements in art? The facial expressions in this strip alone show case that. Oh God, Nhi’s face in the last panel is making me go “awwww!” in a big way. So, good work RJ!

    Loving the strip.

  9. Dymara

    Just Some Trans Guy – I can only speak for myself, but my nervousness has to do with the situation of “stranger (dude?) offers a woman an open alcoholic beverage that she hasn’t seen prepared, at a stereotypical boozin’ party.” Also, look at that third panel: her saying “this friendly dude” as she walks off-panel and the only person there that she knows looks away from her – kinda foreboding!

    I sure hope we’re wrong 😛

  10. Sarah TX

    OK, Nhi. is. awesome.

    Gotta find my purple cape.

  11. Just Some Trans Guy

    Dymara – Fair ’nuff. 🙂 Taking drinks from strangers that you didn’t watch them pour WAS at near the top of the “don’t do this, ever” list they gave me in freshman orientation, lo, these many years ago.

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