#86: On the Same Page

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  1. Bri

    Aw, poor Wren. You always want them more after you’ve been told they don’t want you.

  2. Maggie

    No, buuut is Sam reading “A Room of One’s Own” ??? I LOVE IT!

  3. vitupera

    As far as I’ve ever seen, “ugly and fleshy and weird” is entirely true-to-life for dorm paint jobs. XD

  4. Hanners

    Vitupera: As someone sitting in a dorm room, I can confirm this to be the case

  5. 77Suzanne

    We called my friend’s windowless dorm room “the Cell”. It was so tiny I could allllmost put one hand on each wall. It had plastic industrial carpet over a bare cement floor. It was the scariest place I have ever seen.

  6. TsunamiJane

    The fact that the room corner is right at the edge of all the panels gives me the feeling that the comic is in a three dimensional box. 🙂

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