#87: Where Her Head’s At

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  1. Alix

    things I love:

    1. Nhi’s haircut
    2. Nhi’s huge eyes
    3. Nhi’s coat
    4. this comic

  2. Paige

    AGREED on the jacket. She rocks it.

  3. Anna


  4. Bri

    I have come to absolutely love Nhi’s facial expressions!
    And Wren, so adorable! That tiny, hope-filled smile of love completely won me over.

  5. 77Suzanne

    Confession: I have big cartoony round eyes like Nhi, but I lack her AWESOME haircut. I wish she were real so I could ask her for her stylist’s number. 🙂

  6. RMJ

    I almost commented on the last comic to say how much I love Wren’s jacket. So I’ll say it here: it’s not my style, but I LOVE WREN’S JACKET.

    Also Nhi is the cutest.

  7. pikamidge

    Nhi’s jacket reminds me strongly of the Ice Climbers
    if Wren ever ends up in a pink counterpart i will fall out of my chair forever.

  8. sarra


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