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  1. satah

    both are awesome, but i think i’m leaning towards the first one as my favsies

  2. Bri

    I prefer the first one, it’s just more asteticly pleasing.

  3. Steph

    Same as above – first one reads nicer.

    Get better soon!

  4. 77Suzanne

    I like the first one, and I will pre-order it so fast!

  5. TsunamiJane

    The top one is better.

  6. niemaodpowiedzi

    Top one, though I have no funding to purchase said object and thus my opinion can be easily disregarded.

  7. Amie

    I like the first one. : ) And I love the sentiment sooo much!

  8. rev


  9. Whirlwitch

    First one!

  10. April

    Defs the first one 🙂

  11. April

    And I’m embarrassed to say I had to Google Rachel Maddow… forgive me because I’m Australian?

  12. Tia

    Bottom ooone.

  13. Steph

    @April: She’s awesome! Her show gets distributed over an iTunes podcast most places, which is how I come to watch her up here in Canada. If you’ve got broadband and Itunes, it might be worth checking out.

  14. EmilyEmilyEmily

    First one looks much more legible.

  15. Stephanie

    Top one. Love it!

  16. InfamousQBert

    the top/first one, definitely.

  17. InfamousQBert

    also, it would have been really awesome if someone had just commented “FIRST!”. only time in the history of the internets that it would have been funny.

  18. Peter


  19. Dusty Halls

    Definitely above. The first. Otherwise it looks like “Mad Dow”, which is confusing.

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