#85: Gentlewoman

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  1. Steph

    I like how incredibly sincere Nhi is about the kissing. That’s pretty neat.

  2. Dusty Halls

    Honesty is always appreciated in these sort of situations.

    But I personally can’t separate kissing from relationships. That’s just me, though, personally.

  3. April

    “… or just, make out with somebody…” – nice!

    Differing expections and assumptions can be tricky – you think you’re on the same page when you’re not.

    Thanks for the new comic! Nhi is a great character.

  4. Anna

    I am going through a break up and damn I wish I had someone like Nhi around.

  5. Mina

    I love Wren’s facial expressions. or actually, ALL of the facial expressions you do!
    they just make sense even without words

  6. Anna

    Hello, me again. I’m not sure if dinosaur camp is a thing or not, but if it isn’t and you came up with it, I would be very interested in buying a shirt.

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