#80: Supportive

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  1. 77Suzanne

    Can Sam come over and talk me down when I get hyper over socially awkward things?

  2. Fayra

    Awww Sam is so good at this. Also, it wouldn’t work, Wren, you have classes with Nhi.

  3. Ali Bee

    UGHHHH this exact thing happened to me not too long ago. only instead of telling me that he wasn’t ready then, the dude decided to drag it out over a three month long attempt at a relationship with me instead. Wren, listen to Sam.

  4. Kbot

    New reader from Bitch here! I love your comic, I had to go through and read every post from the beginning. Sam’s cardigan is rad.

  5. Steph

    Wren should move to Canada. PLOT TWIST AHOY.

  6. samorchard

    From one Sam in support of another – Sam is the best! Seriously, I love her.

  7. Anna

    I’m reading through your archives again, because I love this so hard. I have only just discovered the alt text. This will be how I ph4rase all asking out from now on “I like you a lot, but PROBLEMS.”

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