#81: Sincerely

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  1. Jade

    The third letter draft made me giggle.

  2. lennia

    Ugh, poor Maria. 🙁

    I hope she’s able to find someone to confide in. Being trans in college can suck a lot at times and there’s just..stuff…that cis folk, however awesome, just don’t seem to quite understand.

    Here’s hoping she’s not alone (and that, if there are others on her campus, that they’re rad people!)

  3. Fayra

    AWWWWW Maria D:

  4. Katherine


  5. TsunamiJane

    Oh, Maria.

    Grandma must be pretty frakkin awesome.

  6. EllanTGGR

    You’d be surprised how uninteresting trans-ness gets. I work for a huge company with a trans-inclusive non-discrimination policy. I identify as a non-op, non-horm, soft-butch trans-woman, but I tend to pass for cis-male. There’s a much more stereotypical trans-woman who works across the hall from me. We get on okay, but it’s never I’m trans your trans, we should automatically be friends. I knew other trans people in college mostly we talked about D&D, comic books, kink, and computer games. YMMV

  7. EmilyEmilyEmily

    I think the issue isn’t so much that trans people all automatically get along as that it is sometimes extremely frustrating to not have any trans friends at all to interact with. I’m currently trying to deal with depression that is mostly caused by the fact that all nearly all my offline friends are cis men.

    I mean, they’re cool people and all, but gahhhh I cannot relate to them in the same way. ._.

    I mean, I also can’t particularly relate to any of the trans people I’ve met offline, either. Because, you know, you do need a bit more than transness in common 😛

  8. Dusty Halls

    Giving hugs to EmilyEmilyEmily because depression is alarmingly high amongst the TG community, and because she sounds like she needs it.

    And Ellen, liked your comment too. I’m also non-trans, non horm and it’s easy to forget I’m not the only one.

    And I also giggled at the “ppoped a rainbow’ draft!

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