#79: Go For The Gold

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  1. Dusty Halls

    Love the bliss on Sam’s face in the first panel.

    And Wren, you deserve it.

    (Just hope nothing bad’s happened to Maria…)

  2. 77Suzanne

    Awww, Sam, I remember coming in all blissed out from a date like that, then again I remember coming in like Wren too (shudder). And I second that NOTHING BAD should ever happen to Maria EVER!!!

  3. Cec Green

    Way to be a buzz kill, Wren…

  4. pikamidge

    I strongly feel that the Questionable Life Choices Championships should be, like, a thing. Or at least a t-shirt.

  5. samorchard

    Ha, oh dear. I agree with feeling worried about Maria. I love your alt speak comment tho!

  6. April

    Hi there! I was directed to your comics by Bitch. Keep up the amazing work!

  7. Jesse

    Wow, Bitch reads your comic? Is she aware there are trans women in it? Because I feel like… she might not.

  8. Jesse

    Oooooh, Bitch magazine. Hahahahaha. Derp.

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