#78: Meanwhile

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  1. EmilyEmilyEmily

    Eeeeegghhhhhh this highlights why I feel really uncomfortable at drag events. (Or why I would be if I ever went to them. Basically I feel excluded so I don’t bother going. :P)

    And thanks for adding the trigger warning on twitter. ^_^

  2. Steph

    Oh no, Maria! This is…angry-making, but mostly sad-causing. But with anger.

    But yay Wren?

  3. Jenny

    Nooo! Go with her! HP can owl you!

  4. Ali Bee

    I’m not much of a commenter (more of a lurker) in general, but I just had to stop by to say that I LOVE this comic. I found it last week and have been checking for updates like…twice a day. I suppose that’s all I had to say. uh…keep doin’ you, champ! thanks for giving us this.

  5. Dusty Halls

    At first I was like
    “… ”
    then I was all
    then I was all
    “but… Candice…”

    Don’t do it, Wren!!

  6. Just Some Trans Guy

    Maria! You are breaking my heart! 🙁

    And oh, girlfriend, I have so been there. “So, you came to drag ball in a dress? Why didn’t you come in drag?” SAD. FACE.

    I would hug you, Maria, but sadly you are fictional.

    @ Dusty Halls,
    Wren and Candice are on a break! It doesn’t count if it’s on a break! (I thought if I said it maybe, just this once, it might actually become true.)

  7. Anna

    I just noticed that Nhi is grabbing Wren’s tie! A quite sexy detail, as I am a fan of tie grabbing.

    I love the little things in this comic.

  8. Lisa Madeleine

    I mitigated this problem by performing in a drag show and singing the song I’m Not a Fucking Drag Queen from Better than Chocolate. I kinda shocked the hostess at first, but then she got what the song was about and was cool.

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