#77: Acheivments in Charming

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  1. SecondhandMoon

    That’s the nerdiest, smoothest I’m-into-you convo ever. <3

    Love Sam's cute smile that travels all the way to her eyes!

  2. Sweetnfat

    Omigawd! *squee* This is SOOO adorable! <3 I hope they go on a date!

  3. 77Suzanne

    So much squee, so little time.

  4. pikamidge

    oh potter you rotter~

  5. Katherine


  6. Anna


    I am going to explode from cute!

  7. TsunamiJane

    Loooooove it!

    I have an embarrassment to admit: Until right now, I was like “Wait I thought Sam was a lesbian?”
    Why it’s embarrassing: I’m bi.

  8. admin

    OOO OOO I’m SO interested in how gender and sexuality is being read in this strip! :3

  9. Tia

    The cute is almost causing me physical pain.

  10. Just Some Trans Guy

    Not just you–I had a brief moment of that too, and I’m also bi/pansexual. Then I was like, “Wait, do I KNOW that she’s lesbian or did I just assume that?” and then “Wait, even if she is, why can’t she like this guy?” and then “Wait, do I even know for sure that Potter is a guy?”

    And then I just squeed some more, because this is a very, very cute scene.

  11. TsunamiJane

    Just Some Trans Guy! That was entirely my thought process exactly. Thanks for letting me know I’m not the only one! 🙂

  12. Socchan

    Well, at least we know this one’s into books 😉

  13. hari

    On Sam’s sexuality, she fantasises about a hot elf (which I read as male) in an early strip. She’s described as gay by her ableist and/or ginger mocking friend, but I wouldn’t put bisexual erasure past her.

    I just finished an archive binge after following a link from Deeply Problematic. I’ve loved all of it, particularly the Puppyverse and time travelling Founding Fathers. So glad Australia, for its disturbing increases in jingoism, doesn’t have a real equivalent.

    Any chance Oliver’s Wood will adapt some of the canonical songs, like “A Cauldron Full of Hot, Strong Love”? 😀

  14. V

    Hi, another newcomer from Deeply Problematic, I’ll be a regular follower!

  15. Dusty Halls

    Just love the look on Sam’s face at the end!

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