#76: Hufflepoof

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  1. Katie

    Never commented before, but queer wizard rock is the BEST IDEA EVER.

    Seriously, that and Sam and Harry Potter just made my day. Thanks!

  2. dorothea

    I LOVE IT.

  3. 77Suzanne

    I love Garland Grey! Nice shout out!

  4. pikamidge

    no harry no, read the siiigns
    green dress + blonde hair = OBVIOUSLY SLYTHERIN

  5. admin

    If I had planned this better, Sam would definitely be wearing Ravenclaw colors.

  6. TsunamiJane

    Wizard Glam Rock, queer or otherwise, would be pretty dang awesome.

    What are the lyrics to “Hufflepoof”? 🙂

  7. RMJ

    Tsunami Jane – it’s in the transcript! For your convenience: The sorting hat didn’t say Hufflepuff / but I wish I was in Hufflepuff / cause if I was a cute little Hufflepoof / maybe you’d hold my hand! / Cause Hufflepuffs get hugs and kisses / from all the cute lil misters and missus / and if I was a cute little Hufflepoof / maybe you’d be my friend!

  8. Epochryphal

    So I am new and fully in love with this comic, of course. Commenting on this particular one because – blegh, “Ladies, gentlemen, and gender blenders.” Drag shows are eternally binary-spectrum, cheers for androgyny and those sorts of non-binary id’s and all, but I always feel extra erased and invisible because neutrality, not legible. I am not blending some preset genders or something, I am neutrois and unhappy with drag’s lack of appropriate non-binary signifiers. D:

    Advocating strongly for “gentlefolk”! And reading onward, because hearts.

  9. admin

    Yeah, “and gender blenders” is not something I would say myself, but it is the kind of thing that shows up at drag events. I like gentlefolk a lot!

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