How Joss Whedon Puppy Plays in the Snow

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  1. Emily_Goddess

    Hey, you live in eastern Mass, right? Are you going to be at Arisia this weekend? Not that you know me from Adam, I was just wondering.

    /Boston nrrd.

  2. admin

    Nope, I’m in southern New England, but a few good hours from the Boston area. First time hearing about Arisia, so no, I won’t be there. Sorry.

  3. CGS

    Thank you for being here.

    This comic is a fabulously funny queer nerdy online space that makes me feel very much at home. (So much at home I wanna walk in and clean out Sam’s bookshelves.)

    And that doesn’t happen nearly as much as it ought to.

    I identify as queer, as a geek, and as a future educator concerned with social justice.
    This might be one of the first things I’ve found that really speaks to all those sides of me.

    I have always believed that my idealism, my need to fight for what I see as right,
    my curiosity and my insistence on questioning assumptions are rooted in my fan/geek identity. And it is great to see someone who recognizes that continuity–of being simultaneously marginal and powerful and heartbroken and hope-filled–between geekdom/nerdiness, the experience of living a queer sexuality/gender, and ultimately the choice to work to overcome all forms of prejudice and be an “ally” in the broadest sense.
    And it also rocks also to see that continuity questioned and played with and the fractures revealed. After all, making your identity a place from which to help others and to grow personally–not just a place to survive–is a choice, not an automatic fringe benefit of being queer or geeky or whatever. And I know a LOT of immature gamers and rigid-minded GLBTQetc people and clueless would-be helpers-out who’ve missed some of those opportunities. So I am still working on being my best me in a way that draws on and develops all those identities, and your comic helps because it reminds me I’m not alone.

    And because it makes me laugh. Sam and Maria and Wren and the rest of your cast? Can totally call me any time. And Joss Whedon puppy? Soo cute…*snork*.

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