#63: Serendipitous

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  1. RedPersephone

    I love Sam.

  2. Anna

    I also love Sam. We are so totally siblings with that comment. I have the same wide eyed stare when people tell me they don’t read books. All I can do is sit there and go “What do you DO with your time?!”

  3. AlFred

    I know Sam’s frustration. I also have had a roommate claim that he has never read a book.

    He wants to study to become a doctor…

  4. TsunamiJane

    Agreed on the love for Sam, AND on the love for books! My shelves are full of fiction and only fiction.

  5. 77Suzanne

    I would (and I am so pacifistic in the extreme) PUNCH someone if they told me they didn’t read books. But it would be like an Elaine Benes style punch like “Get OUTTA here.” and well, I would not punch them at all. But such is my desire to defend books that I would mutter darkly at that person as I beat a hasty retreat. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOKS!

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