NEWW journal comics!

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  1. a. ahmad

    I so identify with the awkwardness of interacting with new people in an unfamiliar environment. You’re brave to overcome your anxiety and have a good time. Also, the drawing book was an awesome idea! Thanks for the funny, relatable comic.

  2. Socchan

    Hmm; time to check if the anime con I help staff arranges for a unisex restroom, methinks.

  3. jesse

    Holy crap you were at NEWW?? I had no idea. I was there too! I would have loved to meet you; this comic is one of the few comics I’ve ever read where I can actually relate to the characters. Are you local to the Easthampton area? I live in Greenfield.

  4. admin

    I’m from and currently live in New England, but not MA, though I did go to college in Western Mass. I’ll probably also be at ConBust at Smith!

  5. Dusty Halls

    Nope, I still don’t get the beer thing…

  6. s

    I was also at NEWW and I saw the banana coming through, too! Perhaps there were a series throughout the weekend?

    In more awkward news, I was also in the audience at a panel where the artist for Dresden Codak said, [Adobe] “Illustrator is for queers” when I asked him if he preferred Illustrator or Photoshop. I was promptly struck dumb. O–o Sad that such a silly thing has stuck with me for several months.

    NEWW in general was splendid, though, and I’m glad I went.

  7. Sorcyress

    I was at NEWW too, and very sad it was before I was reading this!

    I will not steal your cat sketchbook idea, because I already collect sketches of DINOSAURS, rar.

    Your comic is so so so awesome. It’s really good, and I’m enjoying the hell out of it, and I’m glad to see someone in the activist community making wonderful comics. So yay!


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