#54: The Further Adventures of Sam Adams, Time Traveler

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  1. pikamidge

    i like this guy already. does he do parties?

  2. InfamousQBert

    i <3 you. 🙂

  3. Jack

    Found your comic today. Just read every strip. Hope for 100’s more. Lost my first person pronouns.


  4. Emily_Goddess

    I don’t draw comics, but as someone who often uses sarcasm and reductio ad absurdem to make a point, I know what that thought process is like. Even if I’m trying to point out someone else’s racism, and even if it’s obvious I don’t approve and am trying to show how absurd it is, I’m still a white person saying words that are hurtful to people of color. Words that other people have said or will say about them. Is there a difference between satirical racism and hipster “ironic” racism? Intent, maybe, but as we all know, intent is not effing magic.

  5. DustyHalls

    And the pwnage continues!!
    Love the 3rd panel – reminds me of MC Lars’ “Everyone’s A Little Bit Gay”

    “Dude, that band’s so gay!”
    “Really? You mean they’re jovial, happy and good-spirited?”
    “Wait, what? No, I mean their music sucks.”
    “Oh, I thought you were trying to speak English just then. My bad.”

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