Gender Outlaws: The Next Generation

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  1. Kate Bornstein

    Oh. My. Gods and Goddesses. Bless your sweet pen strokes. You’re smartly critical without being mean, and you are SO DARNED CUTE and fun. What a delight to read. Makes me wanna re-read the whole anthology. Thank you. Big, big love. K

  2. Freddie

    Absolutely love this comic review! Made me smile, and I’ve made a similar ‘review’ myself. I also love that as I read this, I’m practically sitting on top of my copy of GO:TNG it’s so close to me. I’m a few submissions away from finishing it, which I plan to do right now!

  3. samorchard

    RJ!! This is such an awesome book review!! So cool!

  4. Gwen Smith

    Great review!

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