#53: What Would Our Founding Fathers Think?

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  1. Emily_Goddess

    Ha! Awesome.

  2. Candace

    Be honest… we’re you going here all along or did this just suddenly occur to you in a eureka moment?

    Because that was awesome! I can’t wait to see what happens next.

  3. Tchy

    Holy crap, I basically died laughing and ended up having to explain all of Riot Nrrd to my friend who was sitting in the room with me. Amazing. xD

  4. admin

    It was a long-term plan. I’m pretty proud of it.

  5. alannaofdoom

    [slow clap of admiration and awe]

    That was so amazing, it melted my pantaloons.

  6. Michelle

    That was AWESOME.

  7. DustyHalls

    I bow my head at the total awesomeness of pwnage.

    Aside, I’ve always found it odd that a highly conservative group would name themselves after a group of smugglers who wanted to stop the government selling better quality goods at a cheaper price, who then white-washed the media into believing it was a protest at high taxes – after the British LOWERED the taxes on tea.

    Oh wait – just read that “white-washed the media” bit and totally got the reference.

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