163: Failure to Deliver

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  1. Aiden

    Uggh that sucks for Maria :/ maybe they will paint them together?

    Also, Charlie is so hot in his no sleeve hoodie, especially in that first panel, stylin.

  2. Corbiu Geisha

    Using acryllic paint? WIll acryllic paint hold?

  3. Just Some Trans Guy

    Aww, it sucks that such excitement is immediately followed by such disappointment. 🙁

    Also, both Maria and Charlie’s outfits are fab in this strip.

  4. Roboto

    Best thing about finding a new (super fantastic) webcomic – hours of glorious back catalog reading.
    Worst thing… the ‘next’ link has now disappeared and I am going to have to wait to get my fix of superbly nrrdarific genderqueered delightfulness. I’m totally addicted to Wren, Nhi, Maria, Charlie, and crew.
    Thank you for the time you put into this! (I love all the nice comments/commenters too)

  5. complainer

    Aaaah is RiotNrrd busy dying?? please dont stop- just promise to eventually continue the story!!

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