162: Learned Today

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  1. Just Some Trans Guy


    Can’t. Handle. The. Joy.

    So great comic, love the character development, blah blah blah … PONIES! Ponies! Wren would so totally be Rainbow Dash. Sam is Twilight Sparkle, no doubt. I think Maria might be Applejack.

  2. admin

    I haven’t watched a lot of MLP, but those would be my exact picks, too. And Nhi is Pinkie Pie.

  3. ZZ

    Who’s Rarity? You need a Rarity, she’s awesome.

  4. pikamidge

    i have the almighty desire to draw Sam in Twilight Sparkle cosplay now :>

  5. Vass

    OMG PWNIES!!!!! And yay for Wren wishing her friends well too. 😀 I hope Maria and Charlie do get together: Maria could really use some more happiness.

    Nhi is SO Pinkie Pie. And Eve is Princess Celestia!

  6. Brigid Keely

    I love this strip SO MUCH. This isn’t an MLP:FIM thing, either. I haven’t watched the show at all. But the character development here? FANTASTIC. Thank you so much for producing this comic. Dang, do I love it.

  7. Just Some Trans Guy

    @ RJ, @Vass,

    YES. Yes, Nhi so IS Pinkie Pie, and I can’t believe that didn’t occur to me.

    This also works out perfectly, as far as I’m concerned, as I ship Rainbow and Pinkie just like I’m shippin’ Wren and Nhi. Yay! All ships are GO!

    Rarity is indeed awesome. I dunno if there’s anyone in the main Riot Nrrd cast who’d be a good match for her, though. Hmm. Maybe the side character Julia, from a gazillion years ago? http://www.riotnrrdcomics.com/2010/06/27-book-club/

    Do it! Draw it! Yes!

    @ All,
    Jae = Fluttershy … yes/no/maybe?

  8. Swani

    Yes! Pony references for the win!

  9. Corbiu Geisha

    Oh yes! Sam is a pegasister!

  10. Promethea128

    I found this yesterday, and read until like 5 am. Sad that I caught up already. This comic has so much win, because even though a lot of the stuff passes right over my head, the jokes I do get are great, and the social change references are encouraging me to get more informed. And yay for MLP.

  11. KellyK

    But shouldn’t it be Twilight Sparkle, not Rainbow Dash, who learns about the magic of friendship and writes to Princess Celestia? Though, admittedly, I don’t see Wren as Twilight Sparkle at all.

  12. KellyK

    Ooooh….Sam is Twilight Sparkle. Now I get it. And yes, she totally is.

  13. TsunamiJane


  14. Dusty Halls

    I actually lol’d at “googly eye central.” And don’t worry Wren, I don’t get the Ponies, either.

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