Art Break: A Riot Nrrd Origin Story

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  1. Katsadako

    Awww, that was beautiful. Not corny at all!

  2. TsunamiJane

    Love it!

    I always wondered if it should be “X-Man” when talking about one. But then they’re not all men, so…..

  3. LLLLL


  4. Reha


  5. Just Some Trans Guy

    CLEARLY the most appropriate beginning to a beautiful, beautiful friendship.

    My fave member of the X-Men was Gambit.

  6. Corbiu Geisha

    Even if it’s corny, it’s beautiful corn.

  7. Dusty Halls

    Hey, TsunamiJane, who said it had to be just one?

    (Beast, early 90s before the catface. Jubilee, same era.)

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