158: What You Need

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  1. FarmerStina

    You’re not missing much, having missed out on Beowulf. It’s a great story, but most translations are bad.

  2. Swani

    I love what you’re doing with the story.

  3. Aiden

    still loving the storyline. still loving Sam’s new haircut. 🙂

  4. Lisa Ugray

    Hey! Just thought it was worth mentioning that Charlie’s section of the “Characters” page needs a bit of an update. 😉

  5. Reha

    Sam’s a great friend. <3

  6. Fayra

    That was great <3

    (also, wow, Sam's new haircut looks even cuter now)

  7. Sissi

    Sam’s new look is really sweet.

  8. Corbiu Geisha

    Silly me. I never noticed Sam’s new haircut until I read the comments.

  9. Dusty Halls

    The only thing worse then a telling-off like this is when you know they’re right.

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