141: Small Talk

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  1. Bri

    I play D&D every Saturday. We start at about five or 6 and it’s never been finished before 11. We once played until 2am. And that’s how you get your nerd on.

  2. Luai_lashire

    The general consensus amongst my friends is that if your session is going to be less than 5 hours long, it’s not worth having, and most prefer sessions that are “at least” 9 hours long.
    Needless to say, it’s a weekend activity.

  3. Socchan

    LOL, sounds like my friends are at the low-play end of the spectrum. They usually go for about three to four hours, because It Gets Late and They Have Work. Shadow Run they can go longer at, but usually don’t, because their face/hacker has another gaming group to get to 9_9

    In my experience as an observer, setting up a character can take forever, as can leveling and choosing your next spells/abilities/wev, but the actual gaming time can depend on how much time you have available. If Sam had time for a few hours a week of an anime club, she probably has time for gaming.

  4. teukie

    i love that your race stuff is so on point but you just kinda make the D&D stuff up as you go along. <3

  5. Alicia

    I would soooo buy a “ask me about singular they” button! Especially since I teach English in college and I’ve made it my life’s mission to get my students to stop using “he” all the time…

  6. Kayna

    I play D&D Encounters every Wednesday from around seven to ten PM. Longer sessions would be super fun, but Real Life tends to prevent those.

  7. Dusty Halls

    I would SO love to get back into D&D. I even have my own special set of dice both in the real world and on my Android.

  8. Maggie K

    pronoun buttons sound awesome! except I’d never be able to pick one… maybe you should do a big one with ALLLLL OF THE PRONOUNS on it xD

  9. TsunamiJane

    Pronoun buttons for the win. “Ask me about my non-binary pronouns” would be a great gift for my friend.

  10. Flense

    I’ve found the DnD stuff fairly spot-on so far, but it’s been some time since I’ve played. The past few years it’s been Werewolf: the Apocalypse and a GURPS space game… both of which were sadly whitebread. I felt out of place and eventually quit both, but I still miss gaming. Sigh.

  11. libractivist

    I would totally buy/wear “ask me about my non-binary pronouns”, spivak pronouns, and singular they buttons.

    What’s more, if there was a whole range of pronouns, I would stock a bunch of them for my campus queer org, so we could wear them during meetings instead of having to do names/pronouns again every time someone new walked in.

    Such a good idea!

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