Season’s Greetings, and so on!

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  1. Steph

    I absolutely love the ‘MERRY NOTHING’ card idea.
    And YES, another person with as much of a fondness for muppets christmas specials. I think my favourite(no, spellcheck, that is NOT spelled incorrectly) is The Muppets Christmas Carol, if just for the part with Statler and Waldorf as Marley and Marley.

  2. EmilyEmilyEmily

    The MERRY NOTHING idea is awesome. Partially because that’s more or less what I’ll be celebrating, since my friends all left for the holidays to visit their family, and my family is running off to visit scary conservative family that I can’t come along with because I have boobs and they think I’m a guy.

    Oh hey, I didn’t realize I was this frustrated by Christmas before. Also thanks for the explanation of how Christmas is used to oppress people, that was useful to read.

  3. admin

    I think I’ll make the “Merry Nothing” card if I have time tonight or tomorrow… and edit the “Happy Holidays” one so y’all actually can print them out!

  4. VeetVoojagig

    I’m an atheist, but I still do the Christmas thing with my family, since it means a lot to them, and I enjoy the togetherness aspect. And I still have a weakness for the Muppet Christmas movies. I downloaded and watched the Family Christmas just a couple days ago. Out of all the Christmas movies I watched when I was a kid, it was the one that I just HAD to see again.

  5. RMJ

    Oh my goodness, I am looking forward to that Merry Nothing card. My fella will find that hilarious, he HATES Christmas. We may print it out and put it up somewhere.

  6. PonderousMan

    Wow, that presentation was awesome – I never thought of trying to parse TWOC in terms of dominance as a cultural thing. Some really nice heavy hitting, with a nice collection of facts for historical context… good stuff! (My brain loves some good stuff to chew on for the holidays… *grin*)

  7. Jade

    I can has Australian version of Merry Nothing? It’s bloody hot over here.

  8. undefinedcomics

    I like “Merry Nothing.” As I like to say, I don’t celebrate Christmas; I lament it.

  9. tealcuttlefish

    I enjoyed your slide show. As a pagan, I’m quite aware of the sheer audacity of the Christians to claim they are persecuted, when they are actually trying to suppress any other expression of religion than their own. Trying to achieve plurality is not the same as suppressing the majority.

  10. RedPersephone

    Muppet Christmas Carols is the. best. ever. It’s required watching at our house, though I and my partner are atheists, and my family is fundamentalist Protestant, to varying degrees. It’s one thing we can agree on.

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