138: A Token of Friendship

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  1. Shiyiya

    MARIA: Uh, no. I guess not.

    This line seems to be missing from the actual strip?

  2. Corbiu Geisha

    Cats with nerdy/queer jokes/problems… I like the idea! Draw that! Draw that right now!

  3. admin

    Oops! You’re right. I’ll fix that…

  4. Aiden

    A friend of mine who is a trans man does this comic called Queers with Cats. http://queerswithcats.wordpress.com/
    Thought you might be interested in checking it out.
    Also, his cat needs surgery so maybe you could do a little plug for his fundraising page? We’d really appreciate it!

  5. Josy

    The cat’s with queer love angst can counter the terrible force of Joss Whedon puppy!

  6. Josy

    And I embarrass myself. I can use apostrophes properly, honest.

  7. TsunamiJane

    What does Helen’s shirt say??? Will we ever see?

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