137: Validation

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  1. Chally

    A very happy birthday to you!

  2. Blue

    Happy Birthday! And LOL, cats!

  3. M

    happy birthday to you!

  4. Julian LoVecchio

    Happy Birthday! and yes, cats are furry little demons. and yet somehow we still love them.

  5. kathryndeanna

    Happy birthday! You rock worlds.

  6. Reha

    Happy birthday! Enjoy your nap.

    *crosses fingers for Maria to get the job*

  7. Aiden

    Happy Birthday! Love your comic. Sending validation your way.

  8. Katie

    Happy birthday!

  9. Swani

    Happy Birthday!!!!

  10. Whirlwitch

    Happy Birthday RJ!

  11. Vass

    Cats make the second-best alien facehuggers in the world. (The best are rats.) Happy birthday!

  12. Katherine

    It’s caturday caturday gotta get down on caturdaay. Ps happy birthday!

  13. vitupera

    Happy birthday and thanks for the comic! ^_^

  14. Dusty Halls

    Bowser? As in, Mario Bros?

  15. Nina

    Happy (belated) Birthday! And many happy returns!

  16. ES

    Happy Birthday!

  17. GGeek

    “Bowser” is going on my list of Next Cat Names, right after “Impunity” and “Colm Meaney.” (Yes, that’s right.)

    (Hir nickname would be “Chief!”)

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