#71: Drag Dance Part 2

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  1. samorchard

    I think I missed the cultural reference being a New Zealander – but I totally know that type of guy. Sheesh, what the-? why would he-? guh!

  2. EmilyEmilyEmily

    That sneer in the first panel also seems to pretty strongly indicate “jerk with entitlement issues”.

    And Coors, like a lot of beers, tends to advertise itself with commercials appealing to masculinity and, well, that sort of mindset. (I think that’s what’s going on here? I’m sort of pop culture illiterate when it comes to tv commercials, so I’m only vaguely aware of this)

  3. admin

    yeah, I chose Coors Light because their commercials tend to go like this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4_uDR4orEtc
    though, I find this series by Miller Lite just as, if not more, objectionable: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=02p-9SsmRME

  4. pikamidge

    i wish there were drag dances in my city *___*

  5. Erica McGillivray

    It makes me sad that many people will only hear Bikini Kill due to a video game.

  6. Captain Pasty

    Bikini Kill!

    What’s the cultural reference that I apparently missed since I’m also a New Zealander?? :s

    Also, the reason for the straight dudes hitting on ladies in gay bars is because straight girls like going to gay bars because they want to avoid being hit on by annoying dudes, then the straight guys realise this, so they go to the gay bars so they can hit on the ladies.

  7. EmilyEmilyEmily

    Well and that a tendency to completely ignore privilege and the existence of nonnormative people means some straight guys think that all women must be interested in them, and if they’re lesbian identified it doesn’t mean they don’t like guys… which is an unlikely mindset to pay off. Though sticking with what works or makes sense has never really been a thing for bigots.

    Also apparently I’m missing a cultural reference too, since I’m not actually sure what Bikini Kill is. Besides a song, which is on a video game.

  8. Steph

    Em: you’re not familiar with Bikini Kill? Come on, Kathleen Hanna, later of Le Tigre was the frontwoman. I know it isn’t metal, but there’s room to appreciate the greats. It’s the one band that pretty much exemplifies the riot grrrl movement at a glance (well, zines are important too), and the music’s not bad, either (though I still prefer my hip-hop).

  9. teukie

    this reminds me…a lot…of Drag Ball at Oberlin. except that it was a gigantic drunken all-campus party. but gendernonconforming folks & queer folks never felt safe, & white cis straight dudes were white cis straight dudes. meh.

  10. Mike

    Oh noes! I totally have a pink boa that I have worn to drag events…

    *is ashamed*

    Haha at least I wasn’t wearing a Coors Light shirt though.

  11. Anna

    Awesome! I am definitely going to use the line “Wrong tree. Wrong FOREST.” Brilliant.

    Love the comic.

  12. DustyHalls

    I’m not really into Bikini Kill, myself. Prefer Bratmobile and Frightwig. And Hole (yeah, I know, hang head in mock shame…)

  13. La di da

    Gotta love straight dudes who think wearing one pink thing counts as “drag.”

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