#68: Two Thumbs Up

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  1. undefinedcomics

    Your hovertext is cut off because you have quotation marks there that aren’t escaped. You need to replace them with “"”.

  2. Emily_Goddess

    Wren is blushing! Too cute!

  3. admin

    oops… thanks!

  4. brinna

    Cash Cab is FAKE??! :O

  5. admin

    RIGHT?? How can I believe ANYTHING ANYMORE

  6. Hanners

    Cash…cab…? *world shatters*
    Also, why on earth did you have to make such a fantastic comic?? You just HAD to make a nerdy feminist comic I could relate to that is making me laugh loud enough to wake up my roommate, and I had to start reading it at 1am. Gorramit. You suck. By which I mean you are kind of my hero now.

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