#67: Familiar with the Syllabus

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  1. Anna

    Oh man! I can so get Wren here – I’m about to start chemistry, and I’ve had my cousin go “I’ll help you – I only failed twice!’

  2. EmilyEmilyEmily

    Well, it is entirely possible to learn a course’s material and still fail it–Untreated mental health issues can do that :(–Or retake classes that are awesome. 😛

  3. TsunamiJane

    God I love anthropology. Field work…ethnography….This comic is making me geek out even more.

  4. RedPersephone

    *sigh* I miss my awesome anthro profs. Who were also usually the most terrifying ones on the first day.

    Hear, hear EmilyEmilyEmily. I had to redo two courses due to treatment-resistant depression. It sucked the big one. Thankfully, I had an awesome support system to get me through it.

    So are/were you an anthro major, too, RJ?

  5. Katherine

    I once had a teacher say during a test: “Bill, I wouldn’t copy off of Bob, he’s repeating this class.” I lol’d.

    @Emilyemilyemily: not helped by the “miss X classes and you’ll lose marks” attitude I’m sure.

  6. admin

    I was a writing major and an anthropology minor. But they were usually my favorite classes.

    And agree on everyone who says failing a class isn’t necessarily a reflection of your aptitude for it. If I give a character a name in the transcript, they’ve probably got more to say. 😉

  7. EmilyEmilyEmily

    Oooo, I didn’t notice she had a name in the transscript. Thanks for pointing that out 😛

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