#56: Facebook is a Verb Now

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  1. 77Suzanne

    Only your new comic today could soothe my depression over there being no new Guild for awhile. Thanks!!

  2. TsunamiJane

    Without the mall/maul bit, sounds exactly like one of my friends.

  3. denna

    *___* Can you have the next t shirt be Maddow is my homegirl? Pleasepleasepleasepleeeaaaseee?

  4. Marshall

    Haha, I love that there’s a t-shirt request already.

    A cis girl I went to high school with who I always thought presented kind of queerly recently posted on FB that they were told they looked like Rachel Maddow… and I was getting ready to comment and be like, “You totally do, and sweet now you know what a hottie you are” but then I kept reading and their reaction to this AMAZING COMPLIMENT was to say they were going to start growing their hair out immediately.

    OBVIOUSLY I have been spoiled by queers and queer-friendlies in this regard and I just had no idea, because almost a week later it still does not compute that there are people in the world who don’t understand to look like Maddow is to be badass and awesome and smart and hot. Uh. And other stuff.

  5. Steph

    I also want that t-shirt. I may just make it myself. Thrift store trip this weekend for SURE.

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