176: Goodbye for now

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  1. Just Some Trans Guy

    Adorable! They’re both such cuties.

    Also, I have totally been Maria in the last panel.

  2. Ozaline

    Hello, I’m a new reader just completed an archive binge of your comic… it’s very sweet and I love the characters. As a trans girl I think Maria is awesome an her relationship with Charlie is sweet… but is there any chance there’s room in the cast for a trans women whose a lesbian or bi (assuming Maria isn’t bi or pan… she could be, but I’ve only seen her interested in dudes). I’m a bi/mostly les trans girl…

    Anyway, again, fantastic comic.

  3. Maxens M. Finch

    What? I finished reading it all?!

  4. TalieC

    I thought Maria was canonically pan?

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