170: What’s Next

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  1. Swani

    I love that these two are finally happy but my heart still goes out to Wren. I’m sure she still has some feelings hanging around for Candice but I’m glad she understands that Charlie is who he needs to be. I’m really glad Wren came around.

  2. Lisa Ugray

    I’ve been enjoying this story line, and I’m interested to see “What’s Next”!

    Also: I refuse to narrow it down to a favourite Rowdy Baubles piece: I like the whole shop! Thanks RJ for pointing me that way.

  3. Jules

    i really like the AMPERSAND necklace but there’s so much pretty there!

  4. Vass


  5. Just Some Trans Guy

    Aww! They’re so cute and awkward!

    This is a great denouement.

  6. HarleyBond

    I freaking love Rowdy Baubles, and have already bought one custom pronoun necklace from them – however, given wibbly wobbly gender wender, and considerations of grammar and ease of use, I’ve changed pronouns, and would love to get another one, with they/them/their/theirs on it! 😀

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