165: What Friends are For

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  1. Hapax Legomenon

    Is that ramen? I want ramen.

  2. Socchan

    LOL, well played, Wren. And nice platonic phone call, Maria!

    Also, those are adorable photos in the background of the second panel.

  3. Fayra

    Looool Wren <3

    And she's right. Evolution was fun, but classics are classics.

  4. Just Some Trans Guy

    Awww, angsty Maria. And Wren was MEAN. But funny mean, not mean mean. She has total LOL face in the last panel.

    I too dig the photos in the second panel. That’s a really nice touch, providing a visual reminder of the length and depth of these two characters’ friendship.

  5. Vass

    Aw, Wren.

  6. Dusty Halls

    Phoenix? Wren? Don’t see it.

    (Mind you I have both a Flash and Reverse Flash T-shirt, and I am anything but quick)

    And yes, face facts Maria. X-Men Evolution was a travesty. Even if X-Men The Animated Series devolved into a 30min toy commercial.

  7. Anna

    I really love Maria and Wren’s friendship, and I think this is one of the little things that really expose how close they are. A lot of people wouldn’t be able to pick up the phone and call their friend to tell them this, especially with someone like Wren who (at least I expected) might react badly. But it was the first thing Maria did. And that’s awesome.

    This is such a great comic RJ. I’m so happy you’re doing it.

  8. TsunamiJane

    No! Listen! ….wait.

    Love it!

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