160: Heart-barey

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  1. Vass

    Tell me he hasn’t gone and gotten a crush on Maria. That could cause so much friendship drama with Wren.

  2. Magnuscoatl

    I love Wren *so* *much*.

  3. Sophie

    Charlie is by FAR my favourite Riot Nrrd character, I hope he sticks around. And I so hope it’s Maria, they’d be the best couple ever.

  4. Just Some Trans Guy

    I kinda hope it is Maria, ’cause every since that hug, I’ve so been shipping them.

    Also, no offense to Charlie (who is growing on me more and more, and I swear it’s not just ’cause he’s a trans guy), but Wren x Nhi may be my OTP in this comic.

    Also, part deux, that last panel is pure awesome.

  5. Alicia

    Hey RiotNrrd readers–check out this great Kickstarter project! They already got all the funding they need, but you should take a look anyway.


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